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Call us at 845-229-1002 to set up an appointment for your FREE estimate and design consultation.

Find Inspiration

Refer to our Tips page for the complete list of inspirational resources or come and visit our showroom. We have samples in stock so that you can see the finishes and door styles that you may be interested in.

Set up an appointment with our designer. 
Call us at 845-229-1002 to set up an appointment for your FREE estimate and design consultation. It helps to have a budget in mind at this point.

  1. Select your cabinetry. 
    We can help you select your cabinetry. You have to choose the wood type, door style, and finish. It's important when choosing wood type to look at what you should expect with each type. We can provide you with specific information on that.
  2. Measure and Budget. 
    We can help you properly measure your space, help you determine the ideal kitchen layout and work triangle, and provide budget advice. Then we can help calculate your budget and order your cabinets.
  3. Order Cabinets. 
    We will check for any promotions to ensure you are getting the best price you can get and order your cabinets for you.
  4. Make Install Arrangement. 
    At this point, you are ready to prepare for install. We are given a specific delivery date so you can be ready for your cabinets and about a week prior to delivery we are given a four hour window of delivery so you don't have to be home all day waiting around. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about delivery and install at any point in the process.
  5. Enjoy your beautiful kitchen. 
    We feel that the kitchen is the center of the home and it's important that it meets your taste and expectations.

Our Installation Services: 

We offer complete installation. Richard Kraemer is our installer. He has over 20 years of experience installing kitchens. Before starting their own business, both Rich and Liza installed for another cabinetry company. They know the ins and outs of their products. 

Our Dealerships: