Design Services

We can help you design a space that your customer will love. We can design their kitchen and bath and have the cabinetry delivered right to your customer's home. 

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Design services

Our design services include field measurements, kitchen or bathroom design, a quote for the cabinetry in the design created, and digital renderings to present to your customer. 

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Field Measurements

We will help with field measurements to make sure we create the most effective design we can for your customer and we can provide construction elevations for installation purposes. Our designer, Liza Kraemer, installed kitchens before she started designing kitchens so she orders cabinetry with installation in mind. 


Commercial Projects

We have also done many commercial projects. We offer several commercial casework product lines. Our DBA, Commercial Interiors of NY, is a certified WBE company. To learn more about us and the commercial projects we have work on see our CINY website.